Gute Füße

Gute Füße Designer Sheer Compression Hosiery (Black)

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Gorgeous.  Feminine. Decidedly modern.

Gute Füße Designer Sheer Compression Hosiery are striking in their simplicity. Wear them with your highest and fanciest heels for a look that grabs. Are you a globetrotter or a world citizen? Or maybe you are a bit of both. This lightweight, airy piece is a  must-have travel necessity for every traveling fashionista. 

Throughout the global textile industry, INVISTA's TACTEL® fiber is well known and valued for its wide range of benefits. A dynamic, specialty fiber, TACTEL® fiber creates garments that are soft, supplely smooth, breathable and lightweight. According to rigid testing, TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fibers. It also dries eight times faster than cotton. In addition to being soft and lightweight, TACTEL® fiber is strong. The inherent strength of TACTEL® fiber enables the production of fabrics that are three times as strong as those made with natural fibers.   Graduated compression provides the therapeutic improvement in blood circulation. Available in sheer black or sheer nude, knee-high or thigh-high, and compression levels:    

1) Class 1 : 15-20 mmHg    

2) Class 2 : 20-30 mmHg    

3) Class 3 : 30-40 mmHg