"Gute Füße offers dual benefits for me. They support my legs during my run and I ache less after."

Paul Rawlingson, Standard and Olympic-distance Triathlon Athlete, United Kingdom


"Je voeten zijn de fundamenten van je lichaam. Zorg je goed voor je voeten, dan zorg je dus ook goed voor je lichaam. Gute Füße® helpt je daarbij, simpelweg door ze te dragen!  I love the Dutch color: Orange!" 

Dr. R.N.G.M. Fresow, Plastisch Chirurg, Nederland

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“Als plastischer Chirurg stehe ich den ganzen Tag auf meinen Füßen. Gute Füße® machen mir leichte Beine!”

   Jurgen H. Reus, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Germany

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"I prescribe Gute Füße® to my patients.  My son, Zak Latif, who is a competitive youth epee fencer was diagnosed with Sever's Disease by his Orthopedic Surgeon.  In the past, swelling and pain forced him out of competitions.  Now Gute Füße® helps him progress from pools to DE's and achieve a much higher level of performance."
Dr. Sheikh A. Latif,  FACS, FACOS, Vascular Surgeon, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
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