About Us

Founded by an experienced US Board-Certified Physical Therapist and developed with Board-Certified Vascular Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons in the United States and Europe, Gute Füße started with our groundbreaking modified version of our FDA 501 approved medical-grade pressure-gradient socks with 4-way stretching that reduces compression from ankle to calf for sports purpose usage. We later on expanded our line designing and producing compression pants and shirts and other garments for athletes applying evidence-based medical and clinical approaches in muscle and performance functioning in sports and recovery. Gute Füße is ideal for athletes at different levels of performance and various specializations in diverse fields who wish to use pressure-gradient therapeutic sportswear to improve their performance as well as facilitate recovery. Studies indicate that use of pressure-gradient therapeutic sportswear can enhance performance especially on high-intensity physical activities, improve injury prevention, and lead to a reduction of lactate in an individual’s bloodstream. Gute Füße uses Tactel by Invista. Tactel fibers are soft, smooth, strong, breathable, lightweight and simple to care for. Many wearers have touted Gute Füße as the most comfortable and supportive compression clothing they have ever worn. 


"Je voeten zijn de fundamenten van je lichaam. Zorg je goed voor je voeten, dan zorg je dus ook goed voor je lichaam. Gute Füße® helpt je daarbij, simpelweg door ze te dragen! I love the Dutch color: Orange!"

R.N.G.M. Fresow, MD, Plastisch Chirurg, Nederland

“Als plastischer Chirurg stehe ich den ganzen Tag auf meinen Füßen. Gute Füße® machen mir leichte Beine!”

Jurgen H. Reus, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Germany

"Gute Füße offers dual benefits for me. They support my legs during my run and I ache less after."

Paul Rawlingson, Standard and Olympic-distance Triathlon Athlete, United Kingdom


Gute Füße® pressure-gradient therapeutic sportswear benefit athletes in various ways all of which are derived from the improvement in blood circulation. This improved circulation is responsible for the provision of extra fuel to the muscles, leads to the reduction of lactic acid, assists in the prevention of cramps, minimizes muscle fatigue and gives the athlete a boost in their performance.

US Patent Trademark 571-272-6500
FDA 501 (k) Approved Gradient Compression Stocking
Manufactured in compliance with the ISO 13485 Quality Management System
Good Manufacturing (GMP) Certified/ CE Certified for European Market Access